Best Workspaces in Madrid

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[This post originally appeared on the CIEE Teach In Spain blog.]

If you’re like me, you can have trouble getting work done in the comfort of your own home. Writing a blog post turns into scrolling through Pinterest, and scrolling through Pinterest turns into trying to make “The Ultimate Fudgy Brownies” at 2:00 in the afternoon on your only day off. So, I’ve learned that I need to get myself out of the house in order to be productive. This has become a really great way to get to know Madrid and I’ve found several cafés and workspaces that I frequently convert into my office for a day. Here are my favorite places to set up shop to get work done, or meet up with friends to research destinations for our next weekend trip.


Café de La Luz

A relaxed atmosphere with the scent of burning incense flowing through the air makes this cafe a great space for whipping out your laptop while sipping on a coffee. I suggest ordering their chocolate milkshake—it comes with a little side of popcorn! Make sure to get there earlier in the afternoon because it tends to fill up by 5pm.

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Espíritu 23

This adorable coworking space features a quiet work atmosphere and a full-service café where you can order a coffee or tea to keep you company while you work. They also have an outdoor space with artistic murals where you can work during warmer weather.

La Bicicleta Café

This café/bike shop hybrid is a great place to meet with friends or work on group projects. Laptops are only allowed at certain tables, but there has always been open space when I’ve arrived. The large tables and café atmosphere makes it easy to talk with friends or colleagues while sipping on a coffee. You don’t have to be as quiet as in a coworking space. I should mention that they also have AMAZING chocolate cake.


The Shed Coworking

The tranquil atmosphere at this coworking space makes it a perfect place to get work done. I almost didn’t even notice time passing. They also have a gorgeous terrace, and free coffee and tea in their self-service kitchen!

Lolina Vintage Café

The vintage vibes of this café make me feel like I’ve traveled back in time. The comfortable seating area on the basement floor with couches and antique chairs is a great place to get work done and then enjoy a cocktail after business hours.


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