Maine Mood Board

Sources: @andforvintage, @chelseyrouen, @baluevama, @krystal_bick, @rebelrosey, @hannahliza

I’ve started a new habit of creating mood boards before I travel and it has made my packing and content planning so much easier! I use the mood board to guide what kinds of clothes to pack, where to shoot, and poses to use while traveling.

This month, Ben and I took a three-week trip to Maine to visit his family and get out of the city. The weather was still relatively warm, but we could feel the beginning of fall in the air. I wanted my wardrobe to reflect this transition period. I packed cotton button-downs, cable knits, and flowing fabrics to capture the ocean breeze. I kept my color palette confined to neutral tans and blues, but expected the addition of green from the forest scenery.

Coordinating my wardrobe to the scenery and planning my poses and shooting locations made it so much easier to create content while traveling. I didn’t feel stressed about getting the perfect photo from the trip because I had already had a game plan to capture photos I was proud of! Stay tuned for more posts featuring images from my trip!

Want to know more about my packing process? Read my post about how I pack light.

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